The North Kelvin Sports Development Group (formally NGFDG) was established in May 2005 to oversee the development of the North Kelvin Utd community football teams. Since then the club’s ethos has been to promote inclusiveness, opportunity and access for all irrespective of background.

As a community football organisation, North Kelvin Sports have always sought to offer education and volunteering opportunities through sport and championed the ideal that participation in sports is a right for all.

The club’s motto is ‘Oportunitas’, from the Latin meaning: fitness, advantage and opportunity.


Coaching Strategy


Play Forward

Teams and players will be encouraged to be adventurous, aggressive and creative by playing in a style which encourages playing the ball forward as a first and best option whenever possible.

Pass Accurately

Players will be coaching to ‘pass accurately’ in the contested areas rather than simply passing to maintain possession. All teams will aim to achieve a passing accuracy rate of 75%

Problem Solve

Players must be encouraged to problem solve during pressurised situations. Coaches will create game-specific situations where players must evaluate potential options quickly and to select the best decision available.

Game Related Contest

Coaching must focus on ‘game related’ situations, and wherever possible, contested by employing drills, games and rondos that reflect in-game scenarios. Uncontested drills should be used sparingly.

Play Zonally

Players should learn to play ‘zonally’. Players should be given the opportunity to play in all zones, develop an understanding to each zones roles and responsibilities and be given the opportunity to develop in every zone on the pitch.


Player Development Pathway

Player Development Pathway 1.png
Player Development Pathway 2.png