Bridges & Barriers

Bridges and Barriers is the North Kelvin Sports Development Group’s successful anti-sectarian project that has been delivered across the north-west of Glasgow since August 2013.

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Bridges and Barriers has been the organisations flagship community project since its inception in 2013. Our Scottish Government funded project has achieved a tremendous amount of success delivering anti-sectarian education across our community through a variety of delivery sites using a set of specifically tailored teaching resources developed by project staff. The project addresses the key behaviour traits that result in sectarianism whilst also addressing the relevant language, historical and cultural context and personal rights and responsibilities.


The project has used our successful delivery model of promoting personal and social development by providing educational workshops alongside sports participation.

This has proven extremely effective as sport is used as an incentive and a reward for engaging in short educational workshops.

These sessions have proven to be extremely popular by participants and community partners as this entirely free service is delivered by respected staff who have developed positive relationships with the client group through sports participation in a relaxed and enjoyable environment.



North Kelvin Utd has always been an inclusive club that has promoted equality, understanding, and respect.

The football club has proven to be an excellent vehicle for delivering Bridges and Barriers workshops to young people and adults which has allowed us to instil the club’s values across the entire club.

Our educational resource packs, which have been approved for use by Education Scotland, have also been accessed by community football clubs across Glasgow and staff have delivered education and training on  behalf of Glasgow Life, Glasgow City Council, Street League and the Scottish FA.


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