NKSDG's Bridges & Barriers Anti-Sectarianism Project - Refunded for 2018-2019

Last week we received great news from the Scottish Government that our successful after school primary school sports project will be refunded as part of the drive to increase awareness.

The Minister for Community Safety and Legal Affairs has approved £25,000 funding for North Kelvin in 2018-19, up 10%.

The initial discussion will form the basis of the project and we will discuss this further and in more detail on Tuesday 27th March. Summary of initial discussion included building on our current work by:

  1. Expansion of the work into wider school clusters across Glasgow City

  2. Building on the active schools participation and network with a view to creating a usable model

  3. Compliment the work of pupils working on Divided City with after school activity

This will be the fifth year running that the Scottish Government has funded NKSDG to deliver the Bridges & Barriers project and it has become our flagship project which we are very proud of.  This news came at the same time as our first City Wide School Bridges & Barriers Football Festival in partnership with Active Schools.  We hope that this will be an annual event. Keep in touch via our website, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for updates and our review of the current project that is due to finish this Wednesday 28th March.