Tartan Army Sunshine Appeal: NKS Donate to Lithunian children

The Tartan Army Sunshine Appeal has been donating to children’s charities in every country that the Scotland National team has played in since 2003.  That’s 63 consecutive donations - with not a game missed!

In early September they will be donating £5000 to a children’s sports club in Vilnius when Scotland travel to play a crucial World Cup qualifier against Lithuania.  The Sunshine Appeal put a shout out for any organisations who would be willing to donate second-hand football strips that could be used by the kids in Vilnius.  North Kelvin Sports stepped up to the mark and have donated over 20 football tops and some shorts.  These will be couriered to Vilnius and will be there for the Scotland fans arriving at the donation presentation.

It closes a circle in a way. WESTA are longtime supporters of both North Kelvin Sports and the Tartan Army Sunshine Appeal.  Purchase of the football tops was assisted by WESTA donations, and now North Kelvin Sports are supporting the Tartan Army Sunshine Appeal. What goes around comes around.

John Daly (Trustee of the Sunshine Appeal) came to North Kelvin Sports and met with John Burns to pick up the strips. Mr Daly said: “I’m absolutely delighted that the folk here have found a way to support, not just the Sunshine Appeal, but kids in Vilnius who are struggling to get kitted out for their games. It’s deeply appreciated”